Team Associated RC8B3e - 2019 SM 2 Jyväskylä - Anti-squat and ARB pos

Front End
Parameter Value
Ackermann position 4
Anti-Roll Bar gap 2.5 mm
Anti-Roll Bar type 2.3mm (Black)
Arm Mount A Center
Arm Mount B Center
Arm type B3.1
Ball Shim Lower 0 mm
Ball Shim Upper 1.1 mm
Block type A
Block type B
Bumpsteer Washer 0 mm
Camber -1.5 deg
Caster Shim Front 4 mm
Droop 105 mm
Front ball type Alu
Ride Height 26 mm
Shock cap Bleeder
Shock mounting lower Outside
Shock mounting upper 3
Shock oil AE 37.5W
Shock piston 8 x 1.2, tapered angle
Shock rebound 0 %
Shock Spring AE Blue V2
Shock tower Carbon
Steering plate +2
Toe in -1 °
Upper arm mount (Front) Lower center
Upper arm mount (Rear) Center
Wheelbase Shim 0 mm
Rear End
Parameter Value
Anti-Roll Bar gap 0 mm
Anti-Roll Bar type 2.7mm (Blue)
Arm Mount C Lower center
Arm Mount D Lower center
Arm type B3.1
Block type C HRC
Block type D HRC
Camber -1.5 °
Camber link inside height Up
Camber link inside location Inside
Camber link outside location B (Outside)
Droop 120 mm
Hub height Lower hole
Hub shim 2 mm
Ride Height 28 mm
Shock cap Bleeder
Shock mounting lower Outside
Shock oil 35W
Shock piston 8 x 1.2, tapered angle
Shock rebound 0 mm
Shock Spring AE White V2
Shock tower Carbon
Shock upper mounting 3
Wheelbase Shim 1 mm
Parameter Value
Battery placement Front
Bodyshell JC Strike 2
Brace Front Long
Brace Rear Short
Car weight 3500 g
Chassis weights None
Servo saver gap N/A
Wing gap to tower N/A
Wing height Low
Wing type JC Hybrid with gurney
Parameter Value
Center diff setting 10000 cSt
Center differential type HTC
Drive shaft front CVA
Drive shaft rear CVA
Front diff ratio
Front diff setting 7000 cSt
Front differential type HTC
Pinion 18 Tooth
Rear diff ratio
Rear diff setting 5000 cSt
Rear differential type HTC
Spur gear 46 Tooth
Parameter Value
Batteries Reedy 5800 Shorty
EPA Brake 100 %
EPA Steering left 100 %
EPA Steering right 100 %
EPA Throttle 100 %
ESC Reedy 850R
ESC setting Punch 3, Brake strength 80%
Expo Brake 0 %
Expo Steering 0 %
Expo Throttle -13 %
Motor Reedy Sonic 866 1900kV
Motor timing 0 °
Radio Sanwa M12
Steering Servo Reedy RT2406
Parameter Value
Setup Notes Pivot balls alu, alu steering posts, rear underdrive, machined shock internals, Fr ARB ball joint reversed