Destiny VD-12 - Destiny VD-12 Baseline CRC Hi Grip Black -

Front End
Parameter Value
Arm flex Standard
Bumpsteer Washer N/A
Camber 1 °
Droop .5 mm
Dynamic Caster Block 5°
Front axle kingpin caster (deg) 7
Front end type Xenon VD-12 Dampener style
Front spring type Stock
Front track width N/A
Front width shim N/A
Lower arm spacer N/A
Lower kingpin shims N/A
Ride Height 4 mm
Ride height spacer N/A
Toe 0 °
Upper arm spacer N/A
VD-12 Dampener oil stiffness 20000 Cst
Xenon - Caster Shim rear
Xenon - Front end stiffener Yes
Xenon - KPI Steering block 0 degrees
Xenon - Upper kingpin shims N/A
Rear End
Parameter Value
Axle shim left N/A
Axle shim right N/A
Center spring Stock
Damper tube lube 3k Cst
Pod droop .75 mm
Rear Dampener type Vertical side tubes
Rear track width N/A
Ride height middle N/A
Ride Height rear N/A
Roll center N/A
Shock ballstud spacer rear N/A
Shock Front Position Not selected
Shock length (middle of ball to middle of ball)) N/A
Shock Mounting Position Rear Not selected
Shock oil 35wt cSt
Side Link Lenght
Side spring Stock
Side spring preload (gap) Touching mm
Parameter Value
Battery layout Transverse
Bodyshell Protoform Strakka
Bodyshell position Middle
Car weight N/A
Transverse Battery distance from rear radio plate N/A
Wing/spoiler No
Parameter Value
Pinion N/A
Rollout N/A
Spur gear N/A
Parameter Value
Batteries N/A
Brake e.p.a N/A
Brake expo N/A
ESC setting N/A
Motor N/A
Motor timing N/A
Radio N/A
Servo N/A
steering e.p.a N/A
Steering expo N/A
Throttle e.p.a N/A
Throttle expo N/A
Parameter Value
Setup Notes N/A