Team Associated RC8B3 - Nationals Rd 3 Base Setup - This is the Base setup that Brayden started with, based on the Associated Base setup at the time.

Front End
Parameter Value
Ackermann position 4
Anti-Roll Bar gap 1.8mm mm
Anti-Roll Bar type 2.4mm Black
Arm Mount A Upper center
Arm Mount B Upper center
Ball Shim Lower 0 mm
Ball Shim Upper 0 mm
Caster shim 0.9mmR/2.9mmF mm
Ride Height 26 mm
Shock free length 105 mm
Shock mounting lower Outside
Shock mounting upper 1 (Inside)
Shock oil AE 40wt
Shock piston 6 x 1.3mm VPR Game Changer
Shock Spring Mugen 9.0T/70mm
Shock stroke N/A mm
Toe +1 °
Upper arm inside height (Front) Down
Upper arm inside height (Rear) Middle
Upper arm inside location Outside
Wheelbase Shim 2 mm
Rear End
Parameter Value
Anti-Roll Bar gap 0 mm
Anti-Roll Bar type 2.8mm Blue
Arm Mount C Upper center
Arm Mount D Center
Camber -2 °
Camber link inside height Middle
Camber link inside location Inside
Camber link outside location B (Outside)
Hub height Lower hole
Hub shim 2.5 mm
Ride Height 27.5 mm
Shock free length 121 mm
Shock mounting lower Outside
Shock oil AE 35 wt
Shock piston 6 x 1.3 VRP Game Changer
Shock Spring Mugen 10.75T/86mm
Shock stroke N/A mm
Shock upper mounting 3
Wheelbase Shim 0 mm
Parameter Value
Bodyshell std
Brace type Molded
Car weight N/A
Servo saver gap 1 mm
Wing gap to tower 20mm mm
Wing height Low
Wing type Proline
Parameter Value
Center diff setting 10000 cSt
Clutch bell 13T
Clutch shoes std
Clutch springs std
Front diff setting 7000 cSt
Rear diff setting 4000 cSt
Spur gear 46 Tooth
Parameter Value
EPA Brake N/A
EPA Steering left N/A
EPA Steering right N/A
EPA Throttle N/A
Expo Brake N/A
Expo Steering N/A
Expo Throttle N/A
Radio N/A
Rx battery Reedy 315
Steering Servo Reedy RT2207A
Throttle servo RT2207A
Parameter Value
Brake bias 55F/45R
Engine type OS 21XZ-B Ver II
Fuel Werks 30%
Muffler Reedy
Plug OS P4
Restrictor 7mm yellow
Setup Notes CVAs Rear, Universals front Titanium screw kit upper PSM 2 degree ackerman block Mugen servo saver spring